Dreams are the foundation , Stars are the limit
A Mothers Inspiration
There is a special place that a mother saves for all her children. A place deep within that only she knows. It is where she goes to nurture and encourage them. It is where she goes to find the determination and courage she needs to lend them so they may fulfill their dreams. It is where she goes to find the strength to give them strength….the inspiration to inspire them. A mother never really buries a child except for in that space since no one who enters in can leave, neither in life nor in death. It is a place called Love.

It is out of the inspiration of that continuous Love that the Ricardo Ramharrack Foundation was created. It was established to celebrate the endeavors of all other young adults who aspire to that level of excellence that Ricardo did. With this specific intent in mind, I would like to not only thank, but also welcome, all who enter this site.

Mission Statement
It is the desire of the officers and members of this Foundation that deserving students be given the opportunity to dream, achieve, and succeed in life. Honoring and remembering Ricardo's zest for life through the achievements of others is our vision and his legacy.

This organization is exempt from Federal income taxunder section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Contributions to us are deductible under section 170 of the Code.

Participating Schools
palm bay high school
melbourne high school
bayside high school
eau gallie high school
The Ricardo Ramharrack Foundation is a non-profit organization,
which relies solely on the contributions of others.