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Eau Gallie High School is located at 1400 Commodore Blvd in the Eau Gallie area of Melbourne, FL. It is one of four public high schools in Melbourne.

Eau Gallie has the second largest enrollment in the Brevard Public Schools System, 2034 students. In sports the school is classified as 6A, the highest classification based on enrollment.

Eau Gallie is French for "rocky waters". The original school overlooked the Indian River. The successor school is 3.5 miles west.

The school had the lowest reportable incidents of any high school in Brevard for the 2006-7 school year. The school uses survelliance cameras to monitor student activity.

In 2007, the School Board awarded bonuses to sixty-nine teachers at Eau Gallie out of only 375 awards to the sixteen high school in the county. This was double the awards to the second highest school.

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