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Ricardo Aldane Ramharrack Biography
Ricardo Aldane Ramharrack was born in Kingston, Jamaica on June 24th 1982, the second of four children to Herman and Olga "Dawn" Ramharrack. Robert, Racquel, and Richard completed the family setting in Jamaica. In 1989 the family immigrated to the United States, where Ricardo began to leave his footprints for others to follow in the city of Palm Bay.

Ricardo lived up to the term “Student Athlete” better than most. He maintained a Grade Point Average (GPA) of better than 3.8 throughout his entire academic career while attending Lockmar Elementary, Southwest Junior High and Melbourne High School. He was a member of the National Honors Society, twice a Presidential Fitness award winner, was awarded the Presidential Academic Scholarship and he was also a Boy Scout. Ricardo participated in football, basketball and soccer through his teen years and still managed to excel in his studies, support the family business and maintained an active social life. After graduating high school, Ricardo continued his pursuit for excellence at the University of Florida. After completing two years at U of F, Ricardo felt the need to return home to help manage the expanding family business.

Following the drive and commitment traits he acquired from his parents, Ricardo stepped into the role of Managing President of Ram’s Hauling & Development, a position he held until December 2004. During his tenure at Ram’s Hauling, Ricardo became a well-respected business member of the community, a successful business executive, and a hardworking trucker; loyal and dedicated to the success of the family and the family business.

Ricardo’s pursuit for happiness always seemed to focus on others. He touched so many lives with his smiles, loving personality, family dedication and personal friendships. He dreamed of and strived for perfection in every aspect of his life. His positive outlook on life…helped some, influenced many and changed others for the better. The imprints he left on the lives, minds and hearts of many serve as footprints to success and the remembrance of a wonderful person.
The Ricardo Ramharrack Foundation is a non-profit organization,
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